What is Acupuncture and philosophy/ theory behind Acupuncture

In these days many of us have heard the word Acupuncture. But very limited are aware further about acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of the traditional Chinese medical practices for treating our body’s Disease/Disorders. This same philosophy is used to animals with some modifications. In this blog we are going to concentrated on acupuncture used to human body.

In Latin ‘Acus’ means needle, ‘Puncture’ means to penetrate. So very fine 0.25mm thick stainless steel, non tubular unbreakable but disposable needles are inserted into various depth of the skin/subcutaneous tissues, or muscles at particular points in our body for relevant to the disorder diagnosed by the acupuncture therapist for acupuncture treatment. During the treatment the needles are inserted and left in place normally for 20 to 30 minutes and removed. Unlike Allopathic injection, acupuncture needles are painless in comparison.

At present, there are many theories to explain the many facets of acupuncture, but no integrated theory is as yet available to cover all manifold aspects. Serious research into acupuncture commenced even in china, only after the Cultural Revolution.

In Chinese philosophy it is believed that Universal energy called  ‘QI’  (pronounced  ‘ CHI ‘ ) from universe enter into our body flows through along the body path called meridian (Later acticle) and exit. However, some philosophy states that QI is produced within our body in combination with the oxygen we inhale and flows though the body.

Our allopath doctors disapprove this hypothesis of  ‘QI’.  However, the discovery of Endorphin mechanism in the last few decades appears to be a promising lead in explaining some effects of acupuncture based on which western doctors too start accepting acupuncture treatment to some extent as the clinical results achieved are overwhelming and side effects are nil with experienced acupuncturists .

As per QI theory and the book ‘Neijing’ (refer previous articles) Disease and symptoms appear when the flow of QI is blocked/ imbalanced either by external or internal pathogenic evils and acupuncture needling bring back the balanced flow of QI through the meridian.


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